Visa information

Majestic Beauty Academy has a robust Visa support system that helps to make it easy for prospective students to study with us. We understand the different experiences that herald people’s intention to visit Japan and this is why we are poised to make it a seamless one for you.

When we receive your 30% deposit showing your intention to study in our School in Japan, we will send you an invitation letter. We will also be responsible to pick you up from the airport when you arrive and we will carry out the same exercise when you intend to leave Japan after your studies.

You must note that after you submit our invitation letter; the Japanese embassy will contact us to confirm if this letter emanated from our school. We will affirm its authenticity and respond to any other questions that they might ask.

Here are the requirements to get our visa support:

  1. You must agree to stay in Japan for a minimum of 2 months before we can send you the invitation letter.
  2. You must stay at our apartment.
  3. You must pay 30% deposit.
  4. You must abide by the Japanese Immigration laws and ensure that you leave Japan before your Study Visa elapses.