What a way to express your creativity; what charm that you can evoke simply by studying as a Nail technician. This is simply the reason why mastering the art of manicures and pedicures, massage techniques for hands, arms and feet is quite enchanting. You can study nail design and artistry coupled with the importance of safety, sterilization and sanitation. As a licensed nail tech, you have endless possibilities! Majestic Beauty Academy trains you to remain tops in your league. We equip you to stretch your creativity to any niche that you desire. It’s your call…do make it happen today!

1. about gel

2. gel Flat Art (Marble.Heart design,Flower and leaf design,peacock feather)

3. gel French Gel Application

4. gel Gradation designs

5. gel Sculpture

6. Tip Overlay with gel

7. Basic gel Tefill (preparation) gel Home Maintainance.gel Removal

8. gel French, Calgel Sculpture, Tip Overlay with Calgel

9. gel nail arts (Selection from nail gallery)

10. 3D nail art (Basic)

11. Flat Art of acrylic paint (Selection from nail gallery)

12. Acrylic sculpture (Basic)

13. Acrylic sculpture (Gradation)

14. drill (Preparation)

15. drill (Gel nail Removal)

16. Air brush (basic)

17. Air brush (design)

18. Hand care

19. nail polish

20. feet care

21. foot corneum-removing

22. hand massage

23. feet massage

Term. Hours Cost.
1month. 48hours 1,000$
2months. 96hours 2,000$
3months. 144hours 3,000$
6months. 288hours 6,000$
1year. 576hours 12,000$


  • pick up and drop off at the airport.
  • Diploma from our school.


  • Teaching materials are offered to rent
  • For 500$ for the whole cours