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Facial MENU

1. Cleanse (how to remove pointed makeup, wash face and wipe up)</p>

2. Oil treatment for décolleté, shoulders and neck

3. Face line lift up technique

4. Facial muscle and ear area lift up technique

5. How to use a steam towel and finish up the treatment

6. Reflexology to reduce stress and help activate corresponding organs

7. Touching the body before or after treatment


1. Straightening oil massage technique for the backside of legs and hipline

2. Approach from waist to back and then to the shoulder blades

3. Straightening oil massage technique for frontside of legs

4. Tips for stimulating belly fat layer

5. Oil treatment for décolleté, shoulders and neck

6. The lift-up technique for head muscles and ear area

7. Arm treatment and straightening stretch (improving shoulder range of motion)

8. Touching the body before or after the treatment


Body Course or Facial Course

Regular Course

1week 4h×4day=16h rest time 1h per a day ¥192000

Special Course

2week  4h×8day=32h  rest time 1h per a day ¥360000

Premium Course

4week 4h×16day=64h  rest time 1h per a day  ¥720000

In order to increase blood flow, make the fixed body relaxed, and massage not only the face but also the back, neck, and shoulders. This is a lift-up technique intended for sagging under the eyes, lips, and face-line by focusing on muscle, lymph-nodes, and pressure points.