8 Stress-free Activities to enjoy a Healthier weekend


For most of us, the weekend is the time to sit back, relax and take a deep breath. It is the time to loosen up from our busy schedules at work.We may be forced to wake up early or sleep late at night to achieve our commitments during the week. So, by the weekend we will be so exhausted that all we want is to rest.That being said, dull and lazying around weekends are not good for your health. We cannot control our busy work days, but we do have control over the weekend.

Why not use it to restore a healthy lifestyle?
Here are eight stress-free ways to a successful weekend where you can improve your overall quality of life. These are carefully planned strategies by industry’s experts that promise to better your life.

8 Activities that you can do over the weekend

  1. Indulge in Outdoor Activities
  2. We totally get it, but still, it is really not cool to stay indoors during weekends. Staying home and laying on the couch is the opposite of what you need to do to relax your mind. Yes! A little bit of rest is required, but you also need a big scoop of outdoor activities and fresh air.
    Needless-to-say, outdoor activities are a fun way to stay on top of your health. Organize a family bike touring to explore your surrounding areas or take your kids out swimming or talk a rejuvenating walk in the park. Check out local events and make a plan to attend them (most of them are free of cost anyway).
  1. Enjoy Sometime Grocery Shopping
  2. The weekend is the best time for shopping because you can take your sweet time to make better and smarter choices. Make a list of what you would like to eat for the week ahead. Fitness instructors at the
    best gym in Jaipur recommend low-calorie ingredients.
    If your grocery store is not too far, ditch your vehicle and walk to the shop. Fit inside your active wear and walk at a brisk pace. It will improve your health by adding to some exercises into your routine. If you are a parent, take your kid along. Those small feet move even quicker which might need some balancing in your energy level.
  1. Do not lazy around. Exercise!
    Make exercise an important part of your weekend schedule. Set aside some time to get exercise which you usually don’t during the weekdays. Consider stretching, weight training and cardio exercise like walking, running, swimming, or cycling for at least 30 minutes.
  1. Do not Forget to Rest and Relax too
  2. Amidst all fun activities, take out some time to halt a little so you can recharge during the weekend. Overcommitting to having a thrill-filled two days will wear you out and degrade your health. Allot a couple of hours to reading a book, watching TV or just lazing on the couch.
    Meet your friends, spend time with your family, meditate, do yoga, take your dog out (if you have one) for a walk, bask in the sun or go to the beach and relax.
  1. Do not Compromise with your Sleep
  2. Work-free weekend will tempt you to stay up late and sleep in whenever you want. And you will end up deteriorating your health.
    Make a sleep schedule and try to stick to it (no matter how difficult it gets to follow through). Make your goals realistic. For instance, if sleep at 10 pm on weekdays and wake up at 7 am, go to sleep at 11 pm and try waking up at 8 am.
    Avoid oversleeping at all cost. It leads to weight gain and increases the risk of other diseases. But at the same time, make sure that you get enough sleep. Try your best not to stay up all night and sleep the whole day. This slips your sleep cycle off track. But still, if you had to stay out late and sleep really late, take a small nap during the day to cover up your lost sleep.
  1. Do not Overcommit to Social Activities
  2. If you are not the lazing around kind and because you have a lot of free time, do not go overboard with outdoor activities. Overcommitting may stress you out, and you will end up exhausted. Here’s what you instead need to do:
    • Plan your weekend activities using a planner.
    • Do not indulge in activities back-to-back.
    • Break your day into four sections – morning, afternoon, evening and night.
    • Give yourself some time to relax in between activities. For example, if you have afternoon commitments, keep your evenings free to relax. Overcommitting leads to anxiety and stress.
  1. Eat Healthy During the weekend
  2. People love to break their daily diet routine during weekends. No everyone likes to eat healthy when they are on a break. When we meet friends or attend parties, we tend to compromise. DON’T! Try to keep up with your weekday routine.But still, if you want to add some spice to your weekend to break the monotony, eat only the recommended portion. Try your hands on different cuisines, teach new recipes to your kids or plan a family picnic. This way you can spend more time with your family and build better relationships.
  1. If Possible, Steer Clear of Work-Related Activities
  2. Do not commit to any work-related activities during the weekend at best fitness center in jaipur.
    When you are loaded with work, it takes the mind away from enjoying a positive weekend. If possible, stay long hours at work to tie up any loose ends before leaving for home on Friday. Ask your coworkers not to disturb you over the weekend.
    Look at weekends balance your otherwise unhealthy lifestyle. By balancing your responsibilities with these easy tricks, stay right on track!

Author Bio I Navanita Devi

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