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Feel the pulsating vibes, the energy, the passion, and the rich flow of knowledge as we help people move to new levels in their careers. We offer a unique opportunity for people to be part of the Beauty Industry. Majestic Beauty Academy has been at the forefront of creating amazing experiences for individuals; we welcome you to be part of our world!

We are the first Total Beauty School in Japan, which makes us the PREMIER SCHOOL of Beauty in Japan!

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I am a nail art technician and Youtuber.

I present creative designs in all aspects of fashion,

including nails. I have been a pioneer in the Japanese nail industry,

contributing to it since it started.

Besides the management of one of the major nail salons in Japan,

I am also a top nailist. I have been responsible for the treatment of 200,000 customers.

Furthermore, I concurrently serve as the principal of a nailist school that has produced more than 2000 nailists.

Megumi Ohara - Nail art Teacher

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