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Megumi Ohara

Nail art Teacher

Serina Igarashi

Aesthetic Teacher

Study in Japan

Feel the pulsating vibes, the energy, the passion and the rich flow of knowledge as we help people move to new levels in their career. We offer a unique opportunity for people to be part of the Beauty Industry. Majestic Beauty Academy has been at the forefront of creating amazing experiences for individuals; we welcome you to be part of our world!

We are the first Total Beauty School in Japan, which makes us the PREMIER SCHOOL of Beauty in Japan!

Once you enroll in Majestic Beauty Academy, we take you by the hand and equip you to rule your world. You will be trained and certified in different areas as it relates to the beauty industry. Our range covers our top line Nail School, the Esthetic School, Eyelash School and our Makeup School. Majestic Beauty Academy is at the heart of revolutionizing the learning experience for anyone who connects with us.

We align with all the stipulations of the State Board of Nail and Cosmetology. This is why our instructors have what it takes to launch your career to a whole new level. We have been enjoying many rave reviews due to our amazing success rate. Do come on-board our great plan right now!

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teacher and students

a Group picture of Majestic Beauty Academy teacher and Nail students, in this picture we have student from Thailand, Australia and Japan.

Graduation of our Japanese Student Ai

Graduation of our Japanese Student Ai, she studied at our school for 3 months and she could find a job straight after she graduated.

Graduation of our student Max

Graduation of our student Max, she came from Thailand to study at our school for 2 months to be a professional nailist and start her own salon in Thailand.

Our new student Wipawan

Our new student Wipawan, she just joined our school recently and she will be with us for 2 months, and after that she will go back to Australia to open her own salon.

We are in Japan

Our School is Located in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, Japan That means we can support you and prepare everything for you before you even come.


We will help you to get Visa if needed by sending you an invitation letter says that you will be studying at our school and you will be our responsibility, and we will confirm this letter when the Embassy call us.


You can stay at one of our private apartments, we own several apartments near by the school, that you can use if you don’T have your accommodation.


We will support you to be able to live and study here in Japan, we will make sure your stay in Japan is as comfortable as possible .